Our Services

Fairway Partners offers full-service recruiting on a retained or contingency basis. We source candidates from agencies and corporations nationwide. With Fairway Partners, you have access to the following services:

Retained search

We recommend this type of search when seeking to fill your most critical openings. As part of the retained service, we create and execute a search strategy unique to your needs, and provide detailed reporting of our progress.

When is a retained search appropriate?

  • The position is senior or top management.
  • The search will be a difficult, customized effort in a narrow sector.
  • Locating the ideal candidate is more important than filling the post rapidly.
  • It is critical to maintain strict confidentiality about the search.
  • The position is new, involving unfamiliar skills.

Contingency search

This is a good way for a new client to try our services. If engaged on an exclusive basis, we can dedicate time and resources that rival a retained search.

When is a contingency search appropriate?

  • The job is entry or mid-level management.
  • The job needs standardized, clearly-defined skills and experiences.
  • It would be valuable to see many resumes on a continuing basis.
  • Multiple positions with the same skills need to be filled.
  • It is important to fill the position at minimum cost.
  • The post can be filled locally, to save time and relocation costs.
  • There is a wide pool of potential candidates.

Whatever the situation, Fairway Partners can support your recruiting needs.