Fairway Partners provides access to positions you would not find on your own. We act as a career guide for many of our candidates, as well as an additional job search resource and professional network base to use throughout your career. We place professionals in full-time marketing and communications roles in both agencies and corporations. If you work with us, you have access to:

  • Industry experts
    Our associates are experts in the industries in which they recruit. We act as a valuable resource for important information you need to make informed decisions about your career.

  • Honest resources
    We deliver the most accurate and timely feedback possible so you can decide the next step toward advancing your career.

  • Interview coaches
    Our experienced associates have coached thousands of candidates to perform at their best and secure the jobs they want through a variety of difficult interview processes.

  • Career advisors
    Our goal is to be a resource to you throughout your career. We listen to your interests and update you on opportunities that fit your criteria and goals.

  • Trusted partners
    We treat your resume confidentially and will not forward it to anyone without contacting you first to discuss the opportunity. We are an equal opportunity employer and expect that the companies who use our services are too.